A Brief On The Solar Cleaning Robot

A brief on the solar cleaning robot

With each passing year, more and more people are switching to solar energy instead of non-renewable sources of energy. The solar energy capacity in the country has increased over the past. Whether it is large-scale solar plants or residential places, you can find solar panels everywhere. Researchers are putting in efforts every day to make the entire PV system more user-friendly. This has a positive impact on the environment as the amount of natural resources being exploited is decreasing day by day.

People often think that the installation of solar panels is an expensive expenditure and so are the solar cleaning robot prices. Well, it is not true in the real sense. Getting a PV system installed is a one-time investment that will yield benefits for a long time in the future. Moving to solar energy is not just advantageous financially but also environmentally. You can always contribute to environmental well-being in this form.

Talking about solar panels, it is not enough to have one installed at your place. The upkeep and maintenance of the system are equally important. The solar panels will work at its maximum capacity only when it is clean and dust-free. To ensure that, we at SolaBot, offer various cleaning options such as the affordable solar cleaning robot price.   

The solar cleaning robot developed by SolaBot has several unique features that stand sufficient for the solar cleaning robot price it charges. Some of them are listed as follows:

Dry robotic cleaning

Mostly, solar panel cleaning requires a lot of water and people to clean it. At SolaBot, the team has designed a light-weighted robot which requires no water supply or additional cleaner making the structure very simple. The ultra-soft PBT brushes facilitate proper rinsing of the panels. Waterless cleaning addresses various other issues such as water scarcity in the environment. 

Different control options

The solar cleaning robot is designed with different control options to regulate the cleaning intervals as per your choice. The cleaning requirements differ from one solar panel to another depending on factors like size, location, environment, etc. With SolaBot solar cleaning robot, you can manually schedule the cleaning session whenever you wish to. Similarly, pre-scheduled or automatic cleaning options are also available for the users who prefer that.

Independent cleaning robot system

This cleaning system requires negligible human involvement in the cleaning process. It is specifically designed through an integrated SCADA interface that is self-reliant. Unlike the automatic solar panel cleaning system where an occasional intervention for water and cleanser change is required, the robot cleanser needs no special attention. After the professional setup of the system, your cleaning process is good to go without any troubles.

Customizable robot cleaner

One of the most predominant features of SolaBot’s cleaning robot is the customizable feature. As per the client’s requirements, the size and design of the robot can be personalized. Also, in situations where the PV system has aged and requires more than the usual cleaning, experts at SolaBot examine the panels and offer suitable cleaning solutions. We are here to understand the requirements and deliver services as per it.

Ease and efficiency

The chief purpose of developing a robot cleaner was to enhance the cleaning quality in bare minimum requirements. The robot has all the qualities that ease the human effort and financial investments. As stated earlier, these are one-time investments that serve better in the long run. The robot has high-accuracy sensors that stop it at the edge of the panel. The cleaning involves smooth brushing off the dust without creating unnecessary noise.

To ensure the longevity of the solar panels, you must opt for premium support services that will ensure smooth and efficient functioning of the system. With a strong team of professionals who can provide customizable cleaning solutions for your PV system, SolaBot is the ideal choice for you.

So, if you are looking for a cost-effective cleaning solution for your solar panels, the SolaBot’s solar cleaning robot price is best suited. Hurry Up, Get in touch now.

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