Advanced cleaning kits: Solar Panel cleaning made easy!

Advanced cleaning kits: Solar Panel cleaning made easy!

Solar panels have become a streamlined setup that is highly efficient in generating electricity by means of solar energy. An increasing number of people have shifted to solar power for electricity needs over the past years. Solar panels are an easy and cost-saving way to fulfill power requirements with the help of bare minimum resources. A perfect solar installation only requires direct sunlight exposure and routine cleaning to function and perform at maximum capacity.
Solar panels are a smart choice to save money and reduce the exploitation of natural resources. With increasing technology and digitization in the present world, our electricity consumption has increased significantly. Irrespective of the geographical location i.e. rural or urban, people have grown accustomed to electronics and gadgets that run on electricity. This increase in electricity requirement has had adverse effects on the environment. Natural resources have started exhausting at a fast pace which is not favorable for human existence. Solar panels are an effective attempt to stop this exploitation without curbing down electricity needs.
While installing solar panels is a constructive decision, ensuring its maximum functioning is important too. A set of standard-sized solar panels have a high electricity generation capacity that is sufficient to fulfill the energy demands of the unit. However, the operational capacity of these solar panels starts to decrease with poor cleaning maintenance. This is a common mistake observed where people overlook the cleaning aspect and end up reducing the panel’s durability and longevity.
At SolaBot, we offer a wide range of solar panel washing machines that will ensure delicate and thorough cleaning of the panels with minimum human intervention. You can get the best cleaning solutions for your solar panels here at affordable prices. Cleaning products like automatic dry solar panel cleaning systems, solar powered robot kits, etc. are highly efficient and fetch maximum utility.
The range of cleaning solutions at SolaBot is highly advanced that demands minimum human involvement and offers superior cleaning. We aim to maximize solar panel outputs and ease maintenance.

Features of automatic cleaning kits

While solar panels are installed by professionals, their regular cleaning and maintenance is your responsibility. Avoiding the cleaning process can eventually damage the solar panels and lower their performance to great extent. In the present times, cleaning the solar panels manually is a hectic task. Since the panels are mostly installed on rooftops, manual cleaning becomes risky and time-consuming.
Here are some chief characteristics of automatic cleaning systems that will make you understand the importance of installing cleaning systems.

 Minimum human intervention

As the name suggests, these cleaning systems are automatic and do not require manual interference to perform their task. Once installed, they can execute the cleaning process on time as per the scheduled day and timing. The solar powered robot kits have scheduling options that allow pre-scheduled cleaning sessions as per convenience. You don’t have to be physically present and operate the cleaning system. Employing traditional cleaning techniques can be less efficient and cost more.

 Advanced cleaning

The automatic solar panel washing machines have advanced cleaning properties with soft and gentle brushes that minutely clean the dust particles off the panel surface. The system uses a specialized cleaning mixture that causes no damage to the PV cells. SolaBot offers dry cleaning robot solutions that do not require water for the cleaning process. With these, you don’t have to arrange for an additional water supply to initiate the cleaning process. Scheduling the cleaning session on a device is the minimum effort required on your part.

 Self-powered

The cleaning systems and robots do not require an additional power supply to function. They have independent PV cells that generate and store electricity for the cleaning process. Irrespective of the sunlight and weather conditions, the solar cleaning system can perform the cleaning process anytime you schedule it. No plug-ins or extra connections are required once the cleaning system is installed.

Benefits of automatic solar cleaning kits

Here are a few advantages of buying automatic solar panel washing machines from SolaBot that enhance the optimum power generating capacity of the panels.

 Expert consultation

We at SolaBot have professional experts who assess the condition of your solar panels and thereby suggest appropriate cleaning solutions. Knowing the present condition of the solar panels can help the experts determine which cleaning device will be preferable for your solar panels. You can get personalized solar panel cleaning system that best suit your budget and requirements.

 Professional installation

The installation process is quite easy and hassle-free. A team of experts visits your place and installs the cleaning system properly with an operational demo. The cleaning system is placed in the correct position to ensure optimized cleaning and minimum involvement. Once the setup is done, all you need to do is control the cleaning session with the help of a remote.

 Customer service

Since these solar panels and cleaning systems are complex, normal people often find it difficult to get used to them. The advanced features and scheduling options can be confusing at times. To help in such situations, SolaBot has a dedicated team for customer support where you can register your queries and we get back to you with appropriate solutions.

A major issue concerning the longevity of solar panels is the cleaning methods employed by users. While some people completely neglect it, others use inappropriate means of cleaning that damages the PV cells. Solar panels have high power generating capacity that can last for decades only if maintained properly.

So, if you have solar panels installed at your place and are willing to extract maximum power output, getting a SolaBot solar powered robot kit is the ideal choice. Hurry Up, check out the premium quality services for solar panel systems and request a quote. We will get back to you soon.

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