Are you looking for a good and effective way to clean your solar panels? End your search here.

Are you looking for a good and effective way to clean your solar panels? End your search here.

With the increase in the electricity demand, people have started using renewable sources to produce electricity. One of the most important renewable sources of energy is solar energy. That’s why people are actively opting for installing solar panels in their residence or office. Moreover, it helps to cut down the electricity expense.
Installing solar panels may seem expensive to many people, but it is totally worth it as it lowers the electricity expense for a long time. If you have installed solar panels, you must be aware of this fact. However, using solar panels to the fullest might also not be easy for you. As the solar panels are installed outdoor to receive, they get dirty often. When they get dirty, their efficiency gets lower and the electricity generation falls.
As a solar panel user, it is important that you ensure proper exposure of the panels to sunlight. Since the rays of the sun are the fuel for the solar module, any obstruction can lower electricity generation. Thus, you won’t be able to generate the most out of your investment. That’s why it is necessary that you ensure your panels are cleaned regularly.
However, cleaning them manually might not be an easy job. Some days, you are too busy with your work, while some days, you just feel too lazy to clean the panels. So, what do you do then? How about using an automated cleaning system? Well, yes, there is a robotic cleaning system that can help you out. If you are hearing about it for the first time, keep on reading this blog to find out more about it.

What do you understand by the robotic cleaning of solar panels?

The robotic cleaning of the solar panels simply means automated dry cleaning of the solar panels. It is a way of cleaning the solar panels without using water. Instead of water, the cleaning robots here use air pressure and dry brushes to get rid of dirt and dust from the panels. These solar panel cleaning machines work on robotics technology and are specifically designed to clean solar panels. These machines are perfect to be installed in places like rooftops and greenhouses. Thus, they are a perfect solution for large installations in dusty environments that require regular cleaning.

Is it worth paying for a solar panel robotic cleaning system?

Just like car washing, you can also opt for the robotic cleaning of your solar panels. With good professional cleaning options, you can keep your solar panels clean all the time. If you are still unclear about the benefits of these robotic cleaning machines, have a look at the following benefits.
Improve efficiency: There is no doubt that the efficiency of solar panels depends on how much sunlight they receive. To receive maximum sunlight, the panels need to be clean. That is the only way you can be sure that your panels are prepped for maximum efficiency. That’s why it is better to use a robotic system to keep the panels clean.
Rain is not enough: Most solar panel owners don’t clean their solar panels often. Instead, they depend on rain to get the panels cleaned. If you also think that rain will clean your panels, you are wrong. Just like you can’t depend on rain to clean your car’s windshields, you can’t do that even for your solar panels. Firstly, rains are seasonal, but you need to clean your panels every day. Secondly, rains can’t get rid of oil stains or stubborn stains. That’s why a robotic solar panel cleaning machine will be the best for you.
Increase durability: From sand and dust particles to bird droppings, solar panels have to deal with so many things. If they are not cleaned regularly, their durability will decrease over time. That’s why you should get a robotic cleaning system to increase the durability of your panels.
Warranty of solar panels: Most solar panel manufacturers in India include regular cleaning of the solar panels in their warranty conditions. Of course, you want to receive the warranty benefit if the solar panels don’t function well. After all, you have invested a big amount to buy the solar modules. So, if you want to receive the benefit of the warranty, you need regular cleaning of the panels. Again, for that, an automated cleaning system will be the best option.

The Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now can understand why using robotic solar panels are worth using. So, you should also plan to use the robotic cleaning of solar panels. If you want to get an automatic cleaning system for your panels and prolong their lifespan, reach out to us – Solabot and get a solar panel cleaning machine that suits your panels’ needs the best. So, think of reaching out to us today!

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