Automated Solar Panel Cleaner Robots: The Ultimate Cleaning Solution for Your Solar Panels.

The Ultimate Cleaning Solution for Your Solar Panels.

Have you installed a solar panel in your house or office? If you have, then your solar panels must be flat, titled and installed on your rooftop. So, how often do you clean your solar panels? Probably not often, right? So, do you think you are getting the most out of the amount you have invested in buying solar panels? Or, do you even know why you need to clean solar panels? If you are still not aware of that, this blog will help you understand the reason behind it.

As you know the solar panels are installed outdoors, it is natural for them to get dirty. With the passage of time, it gets dirtier and dirtier due to the accumulation of dust, dirt, pollens, bird dropping, leaves, etc. If they are left as it is for a long period, they will become less efficient and might not serve the main purpose of their usage. Over time, it will hamper their working ability and lessen their lifespan. That’s why regular cleaning of the solar panels is a must.

How You Should Clean Solar Panels?

The best ways to keep the panels clean are by using an automated solar panel washing machine or doing it yourself. However, cleaning the solar panels manually is a tough job. Therefore, solar panel owners often use solar panel washing machines to keep their panels clean and receive the maximum amount of sunlight. If you want to know how an automated solar panel washing machine can help you, read the following reasons.

Reasons to Prefer Using a Solar Panel Cleaner Robot Over Other Ways

Multi-fit Solar Cleaning Robot

You will be surprised to know that some robotic solar panel cleaner manufacturing companies offer multi-fit solar panel cleaners. In other words, they offer customised solutions to solar panel users across India. So, no matter what the size of your solar panels is, you can always install a solar panel washing machine. The already installed solar panels can also perfectly use these automated robotic cleaning systems to keep receiving the maximum amount of sunlight.

Waterless Cleaning

Why should you opt for a water cleaning option for your solar panels when you have a waterless option? Automated robot cleaners do not use water to use to clean the solar panels. In other words, they follow a dry cleaning mechanism to clean the panels of the solar modules. Moreover, the water cleaning solutions are quite effective and help to reduce the burden on the environment to great extent.  Other than that, some robotic cleaners have ultra-soft brushes that help them to remove all kinds of dirt and debris from the panels. Thus, the robotic solar panel cleaners offer a satisfactory cleaning of your solar modules while saving water.

Convenience and Efficiency

The solar panels will get dirty often and they need to be cleaned regularly. As they are installed outdoors, all kinds of dirt get accumulated on the panel surfaces. This lowers the efficiency of the solar panels. As they fail to receive the sunlight they need to generate the power, they generate less amount of power. Thus, they fail to do their job perfectly. However, by using a solar panel cleaner robot, you can regularly clean your solar panels. As you can keep the solar panels clean, you can generate the maximum out of your investment.


You may not be thinking about the warranty norms much as long as your solar panels are functioning well. However, you will need it at the moment you notice that your investment is not bringing any results. Simply speaking, you will need it when you see that your solar panels are not functioning properly. However, unfortunately, you might not get the benefit of the warranty. This is because the solar panel manufacturing companies include in their warranty norms that the solar panels need to be cleaned regularly. If they are not cleaned regularly, they might not function well and will not be covered by the warranty. So, as a solar panel owner, you have to make sure that your solar panels are cleaned often.

The Final Thoughts

So, don’t you think you should also think of installing a solar panel cleaner robot now? If you want to, then think of reaching out to us – Solabot. We take pride to say that one of the best platforms that offer customised robotic cleaning solutions suiting customer requirements is Solabot. At Solarbot, we offer the ultimate solutions forsolar panel cleaning, i.e., high-quality automated solar panel washing machines. Our lightweight and compact solar panel cleaner robots are perfect for residential solar panels and can be used for industrial purposes as well. So, think of reaching out to us as soon as possible. We will love to offer you the solution that suits your needs the best.

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