Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System from Solabot

Solar Panel

Solar panels are in high demand by residential and commercial sectors. Solar panels are becoming the alternate energy source and more and more people are opting to install these panels, as they help you save a lot of money on your energy bills. These panels are required to be installed outdoors in the open area, making them prone to outside dust, dirt, leaves, bird droppings, etc. All this dirt and dust reduce the energy output of the solar panels. The overall efficiency level may fall by 25% to 40% making a solar panel less effective.

Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System

Frequently cleaning solar panels is tiresome and is tough as they are installed outdoors at high levels. Companies like Solabot are developing affordable and innovative techniques for an automatic cleaning solution for solar panels. A fully automatic solar cleaning system provides a hassle-free solution to keep your solar panels dirt-free. They are programmable as per your requirement and can be programmed to work for the desired days and times.

Benefits of Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System

Solar panels are costly and a huge amount is invested in installing them. You have to keep them clean to get a maximum energy output. Frequent cleaning also keeps your solar panel safe and helps them to last longer. Solabot offers a robotic solution for automatic panel cleaning, with minimal human intervention and without the need for water and minimal operational cost. Some of the most important benefits of installing an automatic solar panel cleaning system are:

  • No Scratches: Robotic cleaning solutions are designed keeping in mind that they don’t harm a solar panel and don’t scratch the surface. Ultra-soft brush provides solar panel feather touch cleaning while removing dust and doesn’t damage the surface of the solar panel.
  • No Scaling: No water means no scaling on the surface of the solar panels. Robotic cleaning avoids water scaling on solar panel glass.
  • Easy Cleaning Solutions: Robotic cleaning offers safer and easier cleaning of your solar panels. No need of stepping on the panels or structures which can be dangerous and can also tamper the glass. 
  • Saves Water: Robotic cleaning system from Solabot helps save a lot of water. The dry cleaning solution uses almost no water thus saving precious water.
  • Energy Efficient: Direct drive to the brush helps reduce energy loss and results in increased operational efficiency.
  • Saves Time: With no manpower required, the Solabot solar panels cleaning system reduces the manpower cost. No human intervention is required and you can keep your solar panels clean without worrying.
  • Environmental Friendly: As no water is required, these automatic solar panel cleaning systems are environmentally friendly and preserve precious water.

How Safe is to Operate Solar Panel Cleaning System

The robotic cleaning system from Solabot comprises cleaning rollers made of micro fiber cloth which is 100% scratchproof. The cleaning is safe against any scratches. Moreover, the cleaning robots are very lightweight, so there is absolutely no chance that they can damage the solar panel in any way. Metal Gear design with synchronous wheel management ensures a clean solar panel surface.

Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System Price

Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System Price depends upon the size, number of modules, frequency, and availability of cleaning solutions for the solar panels. A dry robotic cleaning system from Solabot is quite cost-effective and can increase power production by up to 5%. Moreover, automatic dry cleaning solutions require lesser maintenance and care. You can mail Solabot with your specifications and requirements to get an exact quote for a waterless cleaning system for your solar panel.

Go Automatic with Solabot

Studies reveal that there is a negative effect on the output of solar panels. An effective cleaning system becomes mandatory to improve the output of solar panels. Compare to conventional cleaning systems, automatic robotic cleaning can reduce manpower costs by 50% and can keep these panels safe and clean.

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