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Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System – How Does It Work?

Solar panels attract atmospheric dust and this dust can build up over time to compromise the panel’s efficiency resulting in reduced power output significantly. At Solabot, we recommend using automatic solar panel cleaners to maintain panel efficiency and achieve optimum power output. Automated systems are more convenient and affordable than wet cleaning, especially if the client has a large PV plant. The initial automatic solar panel cleaning system price might seem like a hefty investment but it would be absolutely worth the value if you consider it for long term.

How Does Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Robot Work?

When people invest in cleaning systems, they want safe and efficient systems. The Solabot team explains everything a client needs to know before making a purchase decision. Here’s a brief introduction to how an automatic solar panel cleaner works:

1. Programing

The Solabot cleaning robot has automated and manual control settings. Clients can program the robot remotely and devise a custom cleaning schedule based on their unique requirements. If the customer wants to clean the panels when it appears dusty, manual controls give them the liberty to start cleaning remotely at any time. If they want to clean the panel daily and at a particular time then the automation controls help them create a consistent schedule. Once the program is set, the system is completely independent and doesn’t require any human intervention. Switching between manual and auto mode is easy with our automatic solar panel cleaning robot.

2. Ultra-Soft Brush and Dry Cleaning

Once the device is engaged, it cleans the dusty panel surface with an ultra-soft brush. These brushes are designed to remove even the finest atmospheric dust, debris, and other particles easily. They are precise and reach all corners of the solar panel, including the aluminum frame. The automatic solar panel cleaning robot moves at a consistent pace over all panels, carefully removing dust without damaging the anti-reflective coating on the Module glass. Solabot’s automatic solar panel cleaner is designed till perfection.

3. Polyurethane Wheels

The polyurethane wheels ensure that the robot moves smoothly and efficiently over the solar panel’s aluminum frame. Typically, a large PV plant has thousands of solar modules. These wheels are designed to move robots from one module to another smoothly. They move only on metal frames of PV modules and are guided by the automation program. The wheels provide maximum efficiency to the automatic solar panel cleaning robot.

4. Self-Powered

The robots have their own solar panels to help them charge the batteries when needed. There’s no need to plug them into the power supply or replace their batteries after they run out of power. Self-powered cleaning machines have a robust design that runs reliably & efficiently throughout the plant’s lifespan.

Solabot offers an efficient cleaning solution that is widely recognized in the PV industry. We recently won three awards and installed our dry cleaning robots over 35 utility scale solar power plants, and have many satisfied clients. The automatic solar cleaning robot will reduce your operations cost significantly and ensure your solar panels perform according to expectations. Our range of automatic solar panel cleaning system price is totally worth its value.

Efficiency Backed By Research

Solabot’s automated solar panel cleaning system is a result of comprehensive research, experimentation and testing. Our experts have invested more than three years into product development, making sure the robots are suitable for real-life operating conditions in a Solar Power Plant. This unique dry cleaning solution removes dust without causing any damage to the panels. It is highly efficient and doesn’t require any water, which makes it an eco-friendly solution.

Water-based cleaning isn’t very effective because water and cleaning agents can leave behind mineral deposits on the panel surface. These deposits can obstruct the sun’s rays and cause issues in the long run. Water is corrosive and continuous exposure can severely compromise the efficiency of solar panels. This is why our automatic solar panel cleaner utilizes dry cleaning method offering impressive cleaning outcomes.

Our research-based solutions have a proven track record in real-life conditions. We also offer dedicated service and maintenance support to ensure your PV plants operate at peak efficiency.

If you want to know more about cleaning robots or wish to enquire about the automated solar panel cleaning system price, don’t hesitate to reach out to Solabot. We have a dedicated customer care team that will answer all of your questions.