Cleaning Solar Panels: Why Should You Invest In It As Well?

solar panel cleaning

If you have installed solar panels in your house or office building, you are surely getting some benefits. Once you install the solar panels, the next concern that comes to your mind is how to make the most out of your investment. To generate the most benefit out of the solar panels, you have to make sure that they are properly used for the purpose you have installed them in your premises. The ideal way to make that happen is to make sure that your solar panels remain in supportive conditions. In other words, you have to ensure that the efficiency of the solar panels is not hampered because of surrounding conditions.

The best way to ensure that your solar panels are doing their work perfectly is to make sure that they are clean. Clean solar panels increase the efficiency of the system and also the lifespan of the solar module. However, as solar panels are installed outdoors, it is hard to keep them clean. from dust to leaves to bird poops, everything falls on the panels, making it hard for the sun rays to reach the panels. This lowers the efficiency of the solar modules. That’s why it is advised to clean the solar panels often.

Why Cleaning Solar Panels is Important?

Improve Overall Performance

Studies say that cleaner solar panels have a better capacity for generating electricity. More specifically speaking, it has over 10% better functionality than the ones that are not often cleaned. So, you should not think of keeping your solar panels unclean for a long period. Rather, you should ensure that you keep your solar panels clean.

Prevention of Dirt and Dust Build

Well, there is no doubt that the dust particles will get accumulated on the solar panels over time. Accumulation of dust particles and dust clouds can decrease their performance capacity. So, it is necessary that you get your solar panels cleaned often.

Get Rid of Bird Poop

Just like you can’t control the accumulation of dust on the solar panels, you can’t prevent birds from dropping. Bird droppings are hard to get off once they solidify. Even the heavy rainfall can’t take them off and they require manual cleaning. Moreover, if they are not cleaned, they will make the solar panels lose their efficiency and lower power generation. So, you should think of getting a solar panel cleaning kit including a solar panel cleaning brush and cleaning it yourself.

Rain is Not Enough Clean

Like we said in the above points, rain is not always enough to clean the solar panels. If you think about dust accumulation or leaves, they might get cleaned because of heavy rainfall. However, stubborn things like bird droppings and soot from nearby factories might not get cleaned in the rain. To make sure that you take good care of your solar panels, you should wash them regularly. Washing them regularly is the best way to keep the dirt off the solar panels. So, think about using soapy water and a solar panel cleaning brush to wash them regularly.


You may not really think about them, but it is surely worth your concern. Most solar panel manufacturers include proper cleaning of the solar panels as a condition in their warranty policy. If you don’t keep your solar panels clean or if they get damaged and underperform because of not cleaning, the panel may not be covered by the warranty. So, if you don’t want to waste the amount you have invested in buying the solar module, it is better to keep them clean. Only in this way, you will be able to avoid the worst scenario where your solar panels are damaged and won’t be covered by the warranty.

The Final Takeaway

Hopefully, you have now understood why it is important to keep your solar panels clean. How often you should clean your solar module depends on the area where they are installed. Like, if it is installed in a less polluted area, it should be cleaned every six months. You can think of getting a solar panel cleaning kit including a solar panel cleaning brush to clean it yourself. To buy the best solar panel cleaning kit in India, you can reach out to us – Solabot. At Solabot, we offer everything that you might need to keep your panels clean. So, why wait any longer? Think of reaching out to us today!

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