How to Choose the Right Solar Panel Cleaning Robots?

Cleaning of solar panels is a vital maintenance activity that needs to be performed at regular intervals. While the conventional method of wet cleaning process is still applied for solar panel cleaning, the dry cleaning method is progressively becoming popular.
At SolaBot, the solar panel cleaning robots are deployed over the solar panels and an advanced solar rooftop cleaning system is established. The solar cleaning robots accomplish the dry cleaning

procedure with effective results.
However, not all solar cleaning robots are designed to offer the most suitable functions for solar panel cleaning. Before you make a choice and make a long-term commitment to establish a solar cleaning system, you must consider a few important things.
Continue to read till the end to how you can choose the right solar panel cleaning robots.

1. Efficiency

The whole point of installing a solar panel cleaning system is to improve the efficiency of your solar panels. The dust, debris and other unwanted particles accumulate over the period causing obstruction over the solar panel frames.
The efficiency of solar panels decreases with these build ups. However, with the installation of solar panel cleaning robots, you can remove particles and clear the light obstruction.
But before you make a choice, you must learn about the efficiency level of the robots as well. The efficiency of the robots can be measured by the speed and capacity that it delivers to complete the job of cleaning.

2. Customization

The next important thing that you need to consider is the scope of customization offered. Customized solar panel cleaning robots are better suited to the unique needs of the customers.
However, the right solar panel cleaning robots for you will be those that can provide you a vast scope of customization. The size and shape of the solar module must be noted in order to understand whether the offered customization is fitted for use or not.
At SolaBot, we give our best efforts to meet our customer’s needs and therefore, offer great customization options. With custom built solar panel cleaning robots, you can achieve maximum efficiency.

3. Weight

What most solar panel owners don’t realize is that excessive weight on the panels can damage your module. Therefore, while choosing a solar panel cleaning robot you must inquire about the weight of the product.
Our solar panel cleaning robots are lightweight in order to ensure smooth and reliable functioning. Along with lightweight design, we also ensure that our robots feature noiseless operation.
The right solar panel cleaning robots are lightweight that doesn’t put extra burden on the panel frames and makes the entire cleaning process convenient.

4. Damage Resistant and Waterproof

The solar panel cleaning robots installed must be damage resistant and waterproof. You must check if the load of the solar panel cleaning machine goes over the aluminum frame or the cells.
If the wheels of the robot run directly on the module surface, then there’s an increased chance of causing micro-cracks. It is important to go for solar cleaning robots that run on aluminum frames in order to avoid potential damage.
Additionally, check if the robots are rated IP67 so that the cleaning system doesn’t get damaged due to bad weather conditions.

5. Dual Program Setting

While the solar cleaning robots integrate automation, the best solar cleaning robots offer both automated and manual programs to users. Therefore, make sure you choose cleaning robots that enable users to switch between manual and automated program settings.
You will get better efficiency and reliability when you opt for a solar rooftop cleaning system with dual program setting.


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