Key features of solar panel washing equipment

Key features of solar panel washing equipment

The installation and application of solar panels have increased considerably over the last decade. The entire idea of switching to solar energy for electricity requirements has prompted people to understand the importance of saving non-renewable natural resources. The traditional means of generating electricity have widely exploited the natural resources that have contributed greatly to adverse climate changes.

Solar panels are designed to store and generate electricity for human use. The PV cells on the panels are responsible for carrying out the entire conversion process by which raw sunlight is converted into consumable electricity. Therefore, the PV cells require proper maintenance to function properly. Since the solar panels are placed in open spaces on the rooftop, it is exposed to dust and other pollutants. The entire performance of the solar panel depends on its upkeep and hence should be cleaned regularly with solar panel washing equipment.
Solar panels generate electricity from the raw sunlight that strikes the PV cells. The more sunlight is made available to the panels, the more amount of electricity it can produce. However, this conversion potential can decrease over time due to the lack of proper cleaning and maintenance of the panels. To ensure the optimized functioning of your solar panels, we at SolaBot have been transforming solar robots and other cleaning solutions for you.
A common and major issue faced by many solar panel owners is the cleaning drill. Due to the inconvenient placement of panels i.e. rooftop, it becomes quite difficult to clean and maintain the panels. This eventually deteriorates the panel performance and reduces its longevity. Well, you can certainly avoid facing these issues by switching over to SolaBot’s range of solar panel washing equipment.

We have a wide range of transforming solar robots and automatic cleaning systems that are programmed to make the cleaning process safe and easier for you. The automatic cleaning systems and robots ensure zero human interference or additional resources to function. Once installed, the cleaning systems operate independently and clean the solar panels thoroughly. Our experts have designed portable solar panel washing equipment that is suitable for all solar panels irrespective of the size and location.

Take a look at some of the key features of SolaBot’s solar panel cleaning systems that is the ideal cleaning solution in the market.

 Automatic operations

All our cleaning systems and robots function automatically and semi-automatically depending on your preferences. All you need to do is schedule the cleaning sessions using a remote or controller device. Once the schedule is fixed, the system operates and cleans the entire panels thoroughly without any additional requirements. The transforming solar robots have been designed to function independently without any expert surveillance. You do not require to hire a third person to look after the cleaning drill. It is safe and gives efficient cleaning results.

 Thorough cleaning

The solar panels are installed in open spaces and are thus prone to dust and dirt particles. The solar panel washing equipment ensures thorough cleaning of the panels regularly to facilitate optimized electricity output. The PV cells are quite delicate and improper methods of cleaning can damage the quality of the cells frequently. We have designed soft brushes and specialized cleaning liquids that cause no harm to the quality of the cells. The minute dirt particles are washed off and the conversion potential increases.

 Self-powered systems

All the cleaning systems offered by SolaBot are designed to function independently without any external energy source. These systems have PV cells installed on them that generate self-power to perform the cleaning drill. This is the reason why cleaning sessions can be scheduled anytime. You do not require to plug in or charge the cleaning systems. Once installed by professionals, these cleaning systems are capable to last for a lifetime of the panels.

 Advanced dry cleaning solutions

Another unique and efficient feature of SolaBot’ssolar panel washing equipment is the advanced dry cleaning solution it offers. All the cleaning systems and robots clean the panels using ultra-soft brushes and specialized liquids. It does not require water to initiate the cleaning process. A lot of water is wasted in these cleaning processes and also causes damage to the anti-reflecting coating on the solar panels. Dry cleaning is the ideal solution to keep the panels clean and their quality intact.

 Customization

We have a team of professionals who strive to study and understand clients’ requirements before suggesting them the perfect cleaning solution. Each solar panel is different in terms of quality, usage, and maintenance. Therefore, the cleaning requirements also differ from each other. Our expert team visits your place and closely analyzes the solar panel condition and thereby provides customized cleaning equipment. This will ensure the right cleaning and increase the durability and performance of the panels.
Negligence in maintaining solar panels has always been a common mistake that significantly affects the output results and its longevity. People often complain that the performance of the solar panel decreases with time. This is because of poor cleaning and upkeep of the panels.

You can avoid this problem by switching over to SolaBot’s optimized cleaning solutions. This is a one-time investment that will keep your solar panels quality intact for a longer time with increased energy output. To get personalized cleaning solutions from our team of experts, get in touch now!

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