Robotic Cleaning Solutions for Solar Panels

Dust particles that accumulate on a solar panel prevent the solar energy from reaching the solar cells. The result is a reduced energy output. The overall power generation may fall down by 50% if a panel is not cleaned for a month.

Solar panels have no moving parts and therefore they can be termed as one of the most cost-effective ways of generating energy. However, they are required to be kept clean for their maximum efficiency. Cleaning dirty solar panels with detergents is time-consuming and tough as the panels are installed outdoors. To regularly clean the dust, and other debris from the solar panel, an automatic cleaning system is required. Robots cleaning devices that can travel the entire length of the solar panel provide the most favorable results keeping the panels clean and helping maintain their efficiency.

Solar Cleaning Robots

Dust particles, bird droppings, and various other particulate materials on the solar panel will result in a decrease in energy generation. Manual cleaning is one of the options, but it can be costly, dangerous, and tough as the panels are installed at high levels outdoors. Robotic technology provides a cost-effective option to clean solar panels.

Solabotis a leading reputed manufacturer of solar panel cleaning robots. The machines are designed to clean panels on rooftops that are difficult to access. Robots are easy to use and versatile to move from one place to the other. Suited for small or large panels Solabot offers a wide range of solar cleaning robots.

Benefits of Using Solar Panel Cleaning Robots

When compared with manual cleaning, there are several benefits of using solar cleaning robots. However, the initial cost of installation of solar cleaning robots is more than the traditional cleaning, but considering that they keep functioning for a long time, the overall cost tends to get down. Some of the main benefits of using cleaning solar robots include:

  • No dependency on human labor
  • Consistent cleaning results
  • Robots keep panels clean, day in and day out
  • Cheaper option in the long run
  • No water required
  • Environmental friendly
  • Eliminates danger as panels are installed outdoors and can be hazardous for human lives when required to be clean
  • They are a better choice for panels installed on overextended rooftops where manual cleaning is hardly feasible
  • Easy to operate

Solar Cleaning Robot Price

The price for a solar cleaning robot system depends on the size of the panel, the number of solar panels, particular requirements of the consumers, and various other factors. Moreover, there are different types of solar panels offered by Solabot offered with various price modules.

  • Autonomous Solar Panel Cleaning Robot: These require little human effort and can operate as per the weather conditions or as per the requirements.
  • Automatic Solar Powered Robots: These don’t require any external energy source as they are designed with their own solar panels for producing energy.
  • Flexible solar cleaning robots: Solabot offers options with flexible cleaning robots as per the client’s requirements. For example, a panel in residential may require less frequent cleaning schedules, while panels installed in polluted environments will require regular cleaning. The Solabot panels are flexible and programmable with multiple approaches to cleaning cycles.
  • Waterless Cleaning: A waterless cleaning system reduces the dependency on water and is also an environmentally friendly solution. The ultra-soft PBT brushes can effectively clean all kind of debris.

Install Solabot Solar Robots for Perfect Panels Cleaning

Solabot robots are perfect to clean solar panels, especially for Indian weather conditions. Middle East countries face frequent sand storms problems that cause a massive load of sand to settle on the flat surface of solar panels and make it hard for robots to clean the surface. Similarly, European countries suffer from heavy snow conditions and large snow piles can settle on the panel’s surface making it difficult for the robotic system to get them clean. Indian weather conditions are mild and robots can be the most effective way of keeping clean the solar panels easily.

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