Solar Cleaning Robot: Features & Benefits

Solar cleaning robot: Features & Benefits

Solar panels are a viable solution to the problems concerning the shortage of electricity and exhaustion of non-renewable natural resources. These are simple rooftop installations that offer high electricity production with the help of sunlight. These panels are made of photovoltaic cells that are capable of converting raw solar energy into usable electrical energy for human use. A large number of people have shifted to solar energy for their electricity requirements owing to the economic and environmental benefits it offers.

The solar panels are installed in open spaces thus exposing them to constant dust, dirt, moisture, etc. Routine cleaning and maintenance are necessary to keep the panel quality intact. The panels function at their maximum capacity only when the sunrays directly hit the PV cells on the panel surface. Blockage due to dirt, water, bird poop, etc. can minimize the solar panel functioning to a great extent. Also, anything that is left unmaintained loses its functioning capacity over time. SolaBot offers a wide range of automatic solar panel cleaner products that are sufficient to maintain the solar panels for efficient functioning.

While a lot many people are getting solar installations these days, they tend to overlook the cleaning aspect of it. Lack of proper cleaning and maintenance can affect the panel’s functioning and longevity. The unclean and blocked panel surface is likely to produce lesser electricity as compared to its original capacity. Also, the durability of these panels considerably decreases over time. To help you with the cleaning needs, we have a solar system robot that is designed to self-operate and performa thorough cleaning. Here are the top features and benefits of SolaBot’s solar cleaning robot that make it the ideal solar cleaning solution in the market. 

Features of Solar cleaning robots

Automatic cleaning

The solar system robot range at SolaBot is a fully-automated system that involves minimum human intervention. Once the installation is done, you just have to set the cleaning schedules using a control device. The entire cleaning process will be done without any additional support. 


These solar cleaning robots are self-powered and do not require a power supply to function. It has independent PV cells that generate sufficient electricity to perform the cleaning drill smoothly and efficiently. The solar batteries recharge automatically when the charge level dips below the minimum level.

Waterless cleaning

Our range of automatic cleaning robotsoffers a dry cleaning solution for easy and comprehensive cleaning. The whole idea of solar panels is to reduce the exhaustion of natural resources. Therefore, we strive to reduce water wastage by developing waterless cleaning technology. No additional water or drainage facility is required to carry out the cleaning process.

Ultra-soft cleaning brushes

The solar system robots have soft and flexible cleaning brushes that ensure the complete removal of dust and dirt particles off the panel surface. Since the surface is made of PV cells, they are highly sensitive and get damaged due to rough cleaning. Also, the cleaning robots have polyurethane wheels that are lightweight and cause no damage to the PV cells.

Benefits of Solar cleaning robots

Thorough cleaning

The solar system robots offer a dry cleaning solution which is more effective than the water cleaning solutions. The ultra-soft brushes ensure that every portion of the panels is efficiently cleaned without leaving behind sticky dirt and other particles. You can initiate frequent cleaning drills without worrying about the availability of other resources such as water, cleanser, etc. Regular dry cleaning sessions will prevent dirt formulation without affecting the PV cells’ quality.

Ease and convenience

As it is named, the automatic solar panel cleaner is a self-automated cleaning solution that involves minimum human interference. These robots are self-sufficient that do not require additional power or water supply. All you need to do is fix the cleaning schedules and your job is done! It is an easy and convenient cleaning solution that silently does its job without demanding extra resources. You can initiate cleaning even when you’re far off the house or building.


Buying theautomatic solar panel cleaner robot is a one-time investment that will fetch utility for a longer period of time. For a normal solar panel cleaning drill, you need to hire people and cleaning equipment. In addition to this, you also require adequate water and drainage facilities. All of this can cost a hefty amount every time you get the panels cleaned. Infrequent cleaning can further minimize the panel efficiency thereby reducing its longevity.

With SolaBot’ssolar system robots, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and maintain the panel quality.

Many solar installations don’t last long due to negligence in the cleaning aspect. Now that you know the amazing features and benefits, maintain the quality and efficiency of the solar panels with SolaBot’s range of automatic cleaning systems. Check out now!

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