Why Do You Need a Solar Cleaning Robot?

Solar panels are designed for outdoor use, but they are not immune to disruptive environmental factors. They can collect dust, mineral deposits due to rain, and debris like foliage, plastic, paper, droppings, etc. Solabot offers a proven solar robotic cleaning that can help maintain your PV plant. Our products are a result of over four years of intensive research. These solutions can help clients optimize a solar farm’s production and prevent loss.

Drop in Efficiency

Did you know that solar panel efficiency can drop anywhere between 2% to 15% without consistent cleaning? The condition is worse in dry and dusty regions that receive ample sunlight. These sites are ideal for PV farms but can make maintenance a challenging affair. The drop in efficiency can translate into financial loss as well. It is common for plants to lose profit because there’s no clear cleaning schedule.

Many plants hire professional cleaning services regularly. This might seem like a cost-saving measure, but it proves to be expensive in terms of loss of profit. Here’s a look at how solar robotic cleaning can address this problem:

  • Fully Automated – Solar cleaning robots are fully automated and don’t require any human intervention. That means PV farm owners don’t need to spend any time or effort on cleaning. The robot will clean when the plant isn’t actively absorbing energy in a set schedule. The Solabot cleaning system allows both manual and automatic control. It is also compatible with the SCADA interface and will run after checking local weather conditions.
  • Low Operating Cost – Cost is one of the reasons why PV plant owners avoid regular cleaning services. Owners are often forced to hire professionals or appoint an in-house cleaning team. Both of these options are expensive, which is why a one-time investment into a solar robot kit can help. Solabot machines are self-powered, efficient, and automated.
  • Low Maintenance – All automated cleaning systems are low maintenance as long as you follow the instructions provided in the user manual. Under the right operation conditions, the Solabot cleaning robots last for a long time and deliver consistent results. We have a full customer service team ready to help you with any issues that may arise.

With our system, you can avoid drops in efficiency while saving money in the long run. The combination of regular maintenance, better performance, and low cost of ownership will help clients save thousands every month.


Solar panel designs can vary from one manufacturer to another. Clients need a cleaning system that fits in perfectly with their panel design. Solabot offers custom solutions based on the client’s unique requirements. We have a comprehensive consultation, design, and implementation process. Here’s a look at what we do:

  • Analyze the client’s unique requirements by looking at photographs, visiting sites, studying solar panel installation blueprints, etc.
  • Design solutions based on information collected during consultation.
  • Developing and testing the product after the planning stage is complete.
  • Installing the product on the project site only after it passes all our quality checks.

Our flexible and customizable process ensures we can install a solar robot cleaning system at any location and at any type of installations. You also have support from a dedicated team of professionals and a chain of service centers.

What Makes Solabot Dry Clean Robots Special?

  • Polyurethane wheels that facilitate smooth movement over the frame of solar modules.
  • Ultra-soft brushes that clean the finest layers of dirt and dust effectively.
  • Dry cleaning machine that removes all dust without the need for water or cleaning agents. Lightweight design that isn’t a burden on your solar panel frame.
  • A smooth, noiseless operation that is suitable for quieter residential areas as well.
  • 100% made in India product.
  • Third party certified

If you want to know more about Solabot cleaning robots, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the customer care team. They will answer questions, offer honest advice, and connect you with our experts.