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Characteristics of the best Solar Robot Kit

Solar panel maintenance is much easier and stress-free if you have an automated cleaning system on your side. At Solabot, we have a wide range of efficient dry solar panel cleaning robotic solutions. These reliable, low-cost, low-maintenance solar cleaning robotscan keep your modules clean and ensure they are always efficient. We have a team of dedicated experts ready to help clients pick the best solutions as well. We prioritize to meet our client’s needs with the best solar robot kit.

Characteristics of a Good Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Solabot spent over three years studying and understanding what makes a solar cleaning system reliable and reasonably easy to operate. During our research, we focused on trying to identify the common pain points of PV plant owners and designed a solar powered robotic cleaner that would clean dust gently in different installation environments. Our product has several unique and valuable characteristics, including:

1. Human Intervention

Traditional methods require human intervention. Some PV farm owners hire cleaning professionals or build an in-house team. Both of these options require a substantial investment that can reduce profitability. However, our solar powered robot kit is focused to maximize your panels efficiency. A solar robot kit requires a one-time up-front expense and minimal operating investment. You can program the machine by following a fixed schedule at the most convenient times. Regular cleaning can improve solar panel efficiency by up to 5% so you earn more profits and pay less money to maintain the plant.

2. Automatic and Semi- Automatic Systems

Solabot robots run on automatic and semi-automatic systems. They are compatible with the SCADA interface, connected to a Cloud system, and can be operated remotely. The interface collects data from third-party sources to assess the weather conditions before starting the cleaning operation. Clients have the option to pre-program a schedule or start the cleaning manually. Our solar powered robot kit is flexible and enable users to switch between manual and auto mode.

3. Bespoke Installation

Different solar plants have different requirements. Custom installation is the only way to get the most effective and reliable cleaning system. At Solabot, we spend time with the clients to understand their unique requirements and study their PV plant carefully. Our expert team then comes up with a custom product that fits in with the client’s solar modules cleaning requirements perfectly. A custom solution will clean the panels from edge to edge, ensuring there are no missing spots. Solabot is always dedicated to offer you the best solar panel cleaning kit.

4. Gentle and Efficient Brushes

Brushes come in direct contact with the solar panel glass surface, which is why it is important to invest in good-quality brushes. Our solar panel cleaning kit includes soft and reliable brushes. They gently remove all types of dust and debris from the panel surface, ensuring there’s nothing to obstruct the sun’s rays resulting in increased generation from the PV plant. We at Solabot offer clients nothing but the best solar robot kit.

5. Precision Sensors

Our systems come with precision sensors that immediately detect the edge of a solar array. When the machine reaches the edge, it will stop automatically and repeat the cleaning cycle if needed. Our robot runs on polyurethane wheels that easily support and transport the robot over solar modules. Switching from one module to another is a smooth and effortless process.

6. Smooth and Noiseless Operation

Solabot is the best solar robot kit in the market today. Our products are suitable for both commercial, industrial and residential installations. Some owners prefer to clean their solar panels at night and they don’t want to deal with excessive noise while robots are operating.

These are some of the most important characteristics to consider while looking for solar panel cleaning kits.

Customer Support

We provide a detailed operation and maintenance manual on how to use the cleaning robots effectively. However, no system is infallible and a strong support team can help clients in the shortest possible time. Our experts are always ready to handle any performance issues or maintenance requirements quickly. Solabot has a dedicated team and several service centers to help clients promptly with any query related to our solar panel cleaning kit.

If you want to know more about the Solabot solar robot kit, just email us or call directly to get all the information you need.