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Solar Cleaning Robot Price – What You Need to Know

Many clients want a permanent cleaning solution that will ensure their solar panels remain dust-free. They want a reliable, efficient, and durable solution but are hesitant to invest a lot of resources in it. SolaBot offers an attractive solar panel cleaning robotic solution. Our products are a result of more than three years of in-depth research and testing. They are manufactured in India using durable, high-quality materials so you know they can stand the test of time. Our solar panel cleaning machine price is worth your investment.

Average Cost of Cleaning

The cost of cleaning solar panels depends on the plant’s size, number of modules, frequency, and availability of cleaning solutions. Clients with 1MW solar plants often end up spending 2.5 to 3.5 lakhs on maintenance alone and 80% of that investment goes towards cleaning. Traditional systems also consume a lot of water, which can prove to be expensive as well. According to some estimates, washing solar panels in a 1MW plant may require as much as 40 lakh litres of water during the life of the PV plant.

SolaBot’s waterless solutions are effective and more affordable. The solar panel cleaning robot price at Solabot is reasonable. Automatic dry cleaning solutions don’t require much maintenance or care. Our experts at SolaBot can provide an accurate cost of ownership breakdown during consultation upon request. If you have any questions about the solar cleaning robot price, our experts can help.

Is The Cost Worth It?

We have deployed more than 1000 robots and received repeated endorsements from 11 clients. Our experts know what works in real-life conditions and offer tailored advice accordingly. Here’s a look at some reasons why the solar panel cleaning machine price is worth it:

  • Increases Efficiency – Regular cleaning is known to increase solar panel efficiency up to 5% depending on the environmental conditions where the project is setup. Clients will get more from their investment if they install our solar cleaning robot in their plant. The solar panel cleaning robot price is absolutely worth your investment.
  • Durability – Most people don’t realize that dust is corrosive and can cause a great deal of harm to the solar panels if it is allowed to remain on Solar Modules. Regular cleaning by an efficient system can increase the panel’s lifespan by a considerable margin.
  • Automatic – Our SolaBot machines are fully automatic or semi-automatic, which means they don’t require a lot of human intervention. There’s no need to hire any technicians or experts to your staff or hire a third-party professional. Once you program a schedule, the machine will run automatically. At SolaBot, we expand functionality of the cleaning solutions and that too at affordable solar panel cleaning equipment price.
  • Flexibility – Clients can stick with a pre-programmed schedule or come up with a custom timetable for cleaning. Our system allows both automatic and manual operation.

These are just some of the factors that make the initial cost of installing an automatic robot cleaner worthwhile.

What’s Included in the Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment Price?

We always provide a comprehensive quote that includes all expenses involved in the planning, development, installation, operation, and maintenance costs of solar panel cleaning machines. Our goal is to ensure clients have a realistic understanding of what they need to spend so they can plan their budget accordingly. The quote includes:

  • Consultation and Analysis – A team of experts sit down with the clients to understand their unique needs and priorities. They ask questions, look at solar plant blueprints, and come up with good solutions. Our team makes sure that you get efficient and best solar panel cleaning machine price.
  • Design and Development – Once our team has all of the information it needs, it will start working on the custom design. Every PV plant requires a unique and effective solution. Our experienced engineers will bring all of their skills and knowledge to the table while creating a custom setup. Efficiency and reasonable solar panel cleaning equipment price is assured at SolaBot.
  • Testing – Testing is an important aspect of the product development process. Every product goes through a comprehensive testing process before it is delivered to the client.
  • Implementation – Installation happens once the testing process is complete to our satisfaction. The entire implementation process is covered as per the agreed plan of commissioning and implementation.

If you have questions or need a solar panel cleaning machine price estimate, don’t hesitate to reach out to SolaBot. We will consider your requirements carefully before offering a detailed quote.