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Invest in Good-Quality Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment

Solar panels are resilient and durable but they’re not completely invulnerable. While the devices are designed to handle outdoor conditions, they can falter if they’re not maintained well. At Solabot, we aim to make things easier for customers by providing innovative solar panel cleaning equipment. Our products can help lighten your workload and extend a solar panel’s lifespan. You can protect your solar equipment by investing in a dedicated and reliable solution to keep them clean. We prioritize to meet our client’s demand with our solar panel washing system.

The Flexibility of Multiple Control Options

Different solar installations have different requirements. A panel in clean, residential environments may not need weekly or even monthly cleaning. Panels in dusty and polluted environments may need cleaning once every few days and that’s where Solabot’s solar panel cleaning machine can benefit you. Our solar panel cleaning system is flexible and programmable. There are three ways in which you can approach cleaning:

  • Manual – Some clients prefer having full control over the cleaning schedule. They want to clean panels only when it is required or when they notice excessive dust on the surface. For example, you may want to run the system after a windy or stormy day. Manual operation provides that flexibility, allowing clients to maintain their system according to its unique requirements.
  • Automatic Automatic cleaning is ideal for clients that want a more hands-off approach. They can schedule cleaning at a specific time every week or month and let the solar panel dry cleaning equipment handle the rest. There are several automatic scheduling options available in our solar panel washing system and you just need to pick one.
  • Pre-Programed Schedule – Pre-programmed scheduling is ideal for clients that want a customized option. For example, if your panels are located in a dry and dusty region, you may want to clean them once every five days to maintain efficiency. A custom schedule offers the best of both worlds by providing flexibility and automation. Our solar panel washing machine is equipped with this advanced feature.

Consult with our experts to get nuanced advice on a cleaning schedule. They will ask you a few questions about the solar panel set-up, location, and usage before recommending a solution.

What Are The Advantages?

No one likes to spend money on things they don’t need. Many solar panel owners believe that they only need to get the system professionally cleaned once a year to maintain it. Unfortunately, several studies show that lack of proper cleaning and maintenance can reduce a solar panel’s performance. Our robot offers easy and efficient cleaning to help improve your PV plant’s output. Here’s a look at some of the advantages:

  • Ultra-Soft Brushes – Solabot solar panel cleaning machines have ultra-soft brushes. They are gentle on the panel surface, picking up fine dust easily and effectively.
  • Dry Cleaning Solution – Our solar panel washing machines don’t use water to clean panels, which means you reduce the risk of damage and avoid wasting water at the same time.
  • Low Operation Costs – Cleaning machines don’t require much care and maintenance. As long as clients follow the instructions in the manual and use the machine properly, they won’t need to deal with frequent repairs or breakdowns.
  • Responsive to SCADA – The robot is automatically connected to SCADA, which makes it easier for clients to control it. The solar panel washing system is also attuned to local weather conditions and won’t run in adverse environments like during rainstorms.
  • Self-Powered – Our solar panel cleaning system is also solar-powered. You don’t need to charge its battery or connect it to a power outlet. The unit will run on its own and recharge automatically when it is out of energy.

Regular cleaning can help improve solar panel efficiency by at least 5%. A good cleaning solution like our solar panel cleaning machine can stretch that even further, leading to cost savings and superior energy production capacity. You will get the most out of your solar panels with the help of Solabot’s solar panel dry cleaning machine.

Customer Service

Our products are designed to function efficiently with minimal human involvement. They only require a little bit of care to work properly. As long as clients follow the instructions provided in the user manual, they won’t face any trouble. Despite this, Solabot offers consistent customer service assistance. You can call our dedicated support team for maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting. For any query related to our solar panel washing equipment, feel free to reach out to us.

If you need an effective Solar Panel Cleaning Machine, get in touch with us at Solabot today. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our products and their effectiveness.