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Autonomous Solar Panel Cleaning Robot – An Efficient, Economical & Reliable Solution

Solar panels are a great source of clean renewable energy. They are reducing the burden on fossil fuel resources and supplying electricity to regions facing scarcity. Solar panel technology has been developed significantly in recent years, making them a viable substitute for more conventional options. However, these systems can only deliver desirable results if they are well-maintained. Efficient and reliable dry cleaning solutions like the solar panel cleaning robot can help improve a solar panel’s performance and lifespan significantly by removing dust and soil from them. At Solabot, we offer dry robotic cleaning for solar panels. Our safe, sophisticated cleaning systems will make maintenance easier and cost-effective.

Why Do You Need a Solar Panel Cleaning Robot?

For a Solar panel to function efficiently, no foreign material should block the path of the sunlight. That’s why regular cleaning is essential for Solar panels to remain efficient and produce desired electricity.

Light reflects on surface and even tiny dust particles can block conversion of Light into electrons. Soiled solar panelsdo not absorb light efficiently and generate electricity at full capacity. Studies conducted globally shows that installations can experience upto 30% annual energy yield loss if solar panels aren’t cleaned frequently. Light dust and debris can reduce efficiency upto 3.5% to 5% but bigger debris like, leaves, accumulated grime, etc, can compromise panel efficiency to a greater extent. With autonomous solar panel cleaning robot solutions, all of the dust accumulation and debris can be removed effectively.

Most solar power generation facilities use conventional wet solar cleaning methods to maintain their systems. It consumes lot of water which is becoming a scarce resource. Lot of manpower is required and there are lot of risks around operating with the conventional cleaning methods while the Solar plant is in operation and even during night times. The cleaning effectiveness is also much less compared to Dry robotic cleaning which cleans the entire PV plant on daily basis which is not possible in wet cleaning. Better cleaning performance is achieved with autonomous solar panel cleaning robot system.

Solabot Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

PV plant is an expensive investment, which means cleaning them should be handled carefully. Our solar-powered robot is the perfect solution to your cleaning requirements which is a very important aspect of operations and maintenance. A brief of what you can expect from Solabot’s solar module cleaning robot:

1. Autonomous Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Our cleaning devices are autonomous and require very little human intervention. They’re 100% responsive, managed through integrated SCADA interface. The integrated system keeps track of local weather conditions and operates as per the requirements. Our solar module cleaning robot is self-sufficient.

2. Automatic Self Powered Solar Robot

The cleaning robot doesn’t require any external source of energy. It has its own solar panel to generate enough power for Robots to operate smoothly during the scheduled cleaning.

The Flexibility of Multiple Control Options

No two solar installations are alike. In fact, each solar installation is customized according to the needs of the residence or business setup. Normally, a PC panel setup doesn’t quite need a weekly or monthly cleaning, however, if the setup is located in dusty and polluted environments, regular cleaning would be apt, as the buildup of dust on the panels leads to lower panel efficiency.

At Solabot, our solar panel cleaning system is completely flexible, thus, there are multiple ways in which you can approach cleaning.

  • Some businesses or individuals prefer having full control over their PV panel cleaning schedule. This includes clients who decide to take up the job whenever they notice dust on the surface of the panels. You may even want to run the cleaning system after a stormy weekend. Thus, the manual operation provides people with the flexibility of addressing the cleaning needs of the panels whenever they deem it necessary.
  • Some prefer a more hands-off approach and this is where the automated system is more apt. Being able to schedule the cleaning bit on a particular day of the week or the month is a great help. The pre-programmed schedule is ideal for all who do not have the time to micro-manage everything in their lives. This can also be of help to people who reside in a dusty locality, thus cleaning the panels every alternate day or perhaps twice every week, may actually be of help.

3. Multi-fit Solar Cleaning Robot

We offer multi –fit solar system robot customized solutions to clients and Solabot can design a Dry robotic cleaning solution suiting customer requirements. Projects which are already installed and operational can be provided with Solutions which can earn more returns even with the aged PV plant by cleaning effectively with robots. We provide necessary bridges and stations for the plant after carefully studying the entire plant layout and propose the best optimized solutions to our customers. Our multifit solar cleaning robot is equipped to fulfil unique client requirements.

4. Waterless Cleaning

Why waste water when it is possible to clean all panels without it? Our waterless cleaning solution is effective and reduces the burden on the environment and provides satisfactory cleaning of Solar Modules. Ultra-soft PBT brushes remove all kinds of debris effectively.

Solabot is lightweight and compact. There’s no need for any additional railing to support our cleaning system, which helps cut down installation costs by a significant margin. Regular and comprehensive maintenance is more affordable.

Convenience and Efficiency

When we started developing the cleaning robot, we focused on overall efficiency and convenience. The goal was to ensure the Dry cleaning system reduces the client workload and investment requirements. Our efficient cleaning system has several attractive characteristics like:

  • Polyurethane wheels that run on the panel’s aluminum frame smoothly.
  • Soft brushes remove all kinds of debris gently, without causing any harm to the panels.
  • High-precision sensors that automatically stop at the end of a solar panel.
  • Smooth and noiseless operation.
  • Efficient and Environmentally-friendly

Our transforming solar robot is developed and manufactured in India using high-quality raw materials. One can trust that it will last for the life of the project and deliver consistent performance as per the operation and maintenance instructions provided along with the Robotic solution.

Our Implementation Process

Every customer has unique requirements and priorities. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to solar panel maintenance. That’s why we have a specific project implementation process. Here’s a look at what you can expect from us:

  • Analysis – A team of experts sit down with the client to discuss the scope of the project. We look at panel sizes, installation site dimensions, local environmental conditions, client priorities, and client budget.
  • Designing – Once we reviewed and listed all the client requirements, our experts start working on preparing a customized solution. We determine what kind of solar module cleaning robot arrangement the client needs to get the best results.
  • Development – After our team develops a sound plan for the project, we move on to product development and testing. We have a stringent testing process that ensures the solar robot cleaning solution performs according to client expectations.
  • Implementation – The final step in the process is to carry out safe transport and installation, demonstrate how the product works, and provide consistent on time customer support. Our team will support to keep the cleaning system in good shape by providing regular servicing and prompt repairs.
  • Operation and Service – Solabot provides dedicated resources for the Operation and maintenance support of the cleaning Robots. Solabot has dedicated team working with Clients and there are dedicated service centers available which reduce the downtime substantially in case there faults arise at the project site.

Our solar panel robot is the perfect choice for your cleaning requirements as it runs for the life of the PV plant. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Solabot. Our expert team are more than willing to provide answers for the transforming solar robot cleaning solutions.

Looking to get a nuanced advice on solar panel cleaning robots? Feel free to connect with our experts. They would dispel all your concerns about the reliability and effectiveness of the system.

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