Solar Panel Cleaning Robots: Cleaning PV Panels Made Easy

As global warming and climate change are beginning to threaten the future of our planet, it’s becoming extremely crucial for people to find alternate/ sustainable ways of meeting their energy requirements. In fact, one of the best non-polluting energy sources is to have electricity harnessed through solar panels. Since it involves no moving parts, the photovoltaic cells are the easiest and the most cost-effective way of generating power. The fact that the system requires low maintenance is another reason why people have started making a transition to solar power.

The only shortcoming of solar panels

Despite all the benefits associated with photovoltaic cells, the efficiency of these plummets when the panels are covered with dust, dirt, and grime. If maximum efficiency is to be maintained, solar panels need to be cleaned at regular intervals, and this is where solar panel cleaning robot manufacturers come into the picture. The fact that cleaning solar panels manually is both hazardous as well as time-consuming, is what has led people to opt for this – a simpler way of having it cleaned.

How does a solar panel cleaning robot work?

Solar panel cleaning robot manufacturers make sure that the robots can efficiently clean the panels and heighten the overall production of the panels.

These robots come equipped with a water sprayer and a roller brush to meticulously get rid of the dirt and grime. The robot gets its supply of water through a dedicated tank, and the caterpillar tracks make sure that the robot can continue working on the slick panels at ease. It can be controlled wirelessly. Thus, these robots are not only great for commercial spaces, but also for smaller solar installations such as residences and offices.

Common features of solar panel cleaning robot

  • Maintains the efficiency of the photovoltaic cells by cleaning them thoroughly.
  • Wireless and remote operation ensures that workers are never at risk.
  • Roller brush is well designed to get rid of dirt, dust, and grime.
  • It comes equipped with a water sprayer connected to a water tank.
  • It has a user-friendly, compact, and lightweight design.

The positives of putting a solar robot to work

Like most other electronic devices, the solar panel cleaning robot has certainly made even a cumbersome task look easy. The fact that solar panel cleaning robot manufacturers have priced it well and made it within the reach of the commoners is what has prompted people to opt for it all the more. Here are a couple of other benefits that work in its favor.

  • The use of solar panel cleaning robots is a great way of saving water. It can effectively clean the panels with limited water or even without water.
  • In the case of large solar installations/ systems, you may have to rely on trained manpower and a fair bit of capital to clean the panels, but by getting solar panel cleaning robots, the same can be achieved with limited/ negligible initial cost and little maintenance.
  • When you have a robotic cleaner installed, you can clean the panels every single day or whenever you feel like it. However, this is not possible when you rely on the manual cleaning of solar panels.
  • As modules are cleaned every day or at least once a week, the overall energy production is high.

Key takeaway

The dust panel accumulating over solar panels or photovoltaic panels prevents the sun rays from reaching the panel below, thereby leading to a lower power generation. In fact, if left unclean, power generation may reduce by about 50%. This is why you should opt for regular or frequent solar panel cleaning, and these solar panel cleaning robots are built just for that. These travel the entire length and breadth of the panel, thereby cleaning every part of it. The fact that these are controlled via remote, allows them to access harder-to-reach areas and clean the panels meticulously.

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