Solar Panel Cleaning: What to Use Other Soap and Water?

Solar Panel Cleaning: What to Use Other Soap and Water?

Surely, one thing you must have learned during the coronavirus pandemic is the importance of soap and water. However, using soap and water to wash everything might not be the right option. One such thing is solar panels. Washing our hands with soap and water is ideal for our best defense. However, they are not the right cleaning option for your precious solar panels.

You sure have invested in solar panels to use the renewable source of energy and lower your electricity expense. However, you could only take their advantage for the first few days. It is all because of the dust and dirt layers that get accumulated on the surface of your solar panels. In the following part, we will discuss how some things hamper the proper functioning of solar panels.

Dust, Dirt, and Leaves – Common Solar Blockers.

Dust is a regular problem for solar panels. As they are installed outdoors to get the maximum amount of sunlight, dust get easily accumulated on their surfaces. However, how often your panels will have a layer of dust depends on your location. A thin layer of dust particles might not hamper the efficiency of the solar panels that much. Also, this thin layer of dust can get washed away by rain.

Other than dust, leaves also provide a big hindrance in the functioning of solar panels. Fallen leaves on the solar panels can block the sunlight, thereby causing the panels to receive less amount of solar power. Thus, they fail to generate a significant amount of power.

Therefore, dust, dirt, and leaves are the most common solar blockers that lower the efficiency of the solar panels to a great extent. That’s why it is necessary that the solar panels are cleaned often with the best solar panel cleaning solution.

Bird Droppings – Another Common Problem.

Bird droppings on your solar power panels are more ruinous than the layer of dust, dirt, and leaves. If your solar panels are installed near a tree, especially deciduous ones, fallen leaves won’t be the only issue. The trees will attract birds as well, and thus, your solar panels will have chances of receiving bird droppings more often.

Moreover, once the bird dropping solidifies, it becomes hard to remove them. So, depending on the rain won’t be the right option. Instead, you need to use the best solar robot kit that will use a dry cleaning technique to get rid of dirt, dust, leaves, and even bird droppings.

The Best Way for Regular Cleaning of the Solar Panels – Robotic Solar Panel Cleaners.

When you installed your solar panels for the first time, they surely did perform their best and made you think that you made the right decision. However, after only a few days, you notice that there is a fall in their efficiency. It is because they start to get dirty and could not perform their best in generating electricity. That’s why it is necessary that they are cleaned often. However, don’t think of cleaning them with soap and water.

Soaps can leave a thin film or residue on the surface of your solar panels that hinders the solar panels to function just like the dirt layer. Apart from that, the soap layer can also attract more dirt particles as they get stick to it. So, instead of using soap and water, you should think of installing the best solar robot kit.

The solar robot kits are automated solar panel cleaning machines that clean the solar panels without water. Moreover, this solar panel cleaning solution is reliable, cost-effective, and needs low maintenance. So, no matter where you have installed your solar panels, you can use these cleaning systems to keep your solar panels clean always. Thus, once you install these automated solar panel cleaners, your solar panels will need zero human intervention for their maintenance. Other than that, you will be able to generate the most out of your investment. Simply speaking, your solar panels will work with their full efficiency as they will receive the maximum amount of their fuel, i.e., the sunlight.

The Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have now understood why you should keep your solar panels clean, and most importantly, the right solar panel cleaning solution. So, how long you are going to wait before installing a robotic solar panel cleaning system? If you wish to use your precious solar panels for a long period, you should get the automated cleaning system as early as possible. For that, you can reach out to us – Solabot. At Solabot, we offer customized automated cleaning systems. Once you install our cleaning systems, you no longer have to worry about cleaning your precious panels. After all, we offer our customized cleaning solution that will clean your panels from edge to edge, without missing out on any spot. So, without wasting any more time, just think of getting in touch with us!

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