Solar Panel Cleaning: Why It Is Necessary to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Solar Panels?

Solar Panel Cleaning Why It Is Necessary to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Solar Panels

The day you install your solar panels is the day when they perform the best. After that day, their efficiency will only go down the hill. Even though your solar panels can be used for the next few decades, their performance will not be as good as the first day. Do you know the reasons behind it? Let’s talk about that in the following part of this article.

Is It Necessary to Clean the Solar Panels Often for Better Efficiency?

One of the reasons behind the fall in the solar panels’ efficiency is dirt. As soon as you place the panels outdoors, dust particles will start settling on the panels. Other than dust particles, bird droppings, ash, pollen, and fall leaves are also responsible for lowering the efficiency of the panels. Because of dust, leaves, and dirt accumulation on the solar panels, the panels cannot receive sunlight properly.

The sunlight is the fuel for the panels to generate electricity. Thus, they fail to perform their best and generate the maximum amount of power that they were supposed to do. In other words, you will fail to generate the most out of your investment. That’s why the solar panels should be cleaned regularly to keep them functioning properly and remain efficient.

Why You Should Not Depend on Rain for the Solar Panels Cleaning?

When you think of cleaning the solar panels, you must think – what is the point of cleaning the solar panels yourself when you can simply depend on rain? If you are planning to depend on rain for cleaning your solar panels, you are highly mistaken. First of all, rains are seasonal and you need to clean your solar panels every day. Secondly, sometimes, rain is not enough to clean the stubborn stains like oil stains on the solar panels.

What to Do If Rain Is Not Enough?

Surely, normal rainfall can rinse away dust and keep the solar panels clean. More specifically speaking, rain can support up to 95% of efficiency. However, totally depending on rain for the cleaning of the solar panels won’t be a smart job. This is because the dust layer settled on the panels may or may not get washed away in the rain. The best way out for regular cleaning of the solar panels is installing the robotic solar panel cleaning system.

What is a robotic solar module cleaning system?

Robotic solar panel cleaning systems are automated machines that are used for the dry cleaning of solar modules. In other words, these machines clean the solar panels without using water. Instead, they use a solar panel cleaning kit that includes air pressure and dry brushes. This solar panel cleaning kit helps to get rid of dust or dirt from the surface of the solar modules. Moreover, these robotic cleaning systems can be used for both industrial and residential purposes. So, wherever you have installed your solar module, you can perfectly install this cleaning system with it and get rid of the tension of cleaning it every day.

Benefits of Using Robotic Solar Panel Cleaning Systems:

Save water:

As mentioned above, robotic cleaners follow a dry cleaning mechanism. So, it can save up a lot of water. If you want to clean your solar modules without using water, dry cleaning is the only option you have. For that, you can use this robotic cleaning system.

Regular cleaning:

No matter where your solar panels are installed, they will get dirty. To clean them regularly, you will need to go for the option that lets you clean them daily. The only option that allows it is this automated cleaning system.

Constant efficiency:

Regular cleaning is essential for the proper efficiency of solar panels. As they will be cleaned regularly, the solar modules will receive the proper amount of sunlight. Thus, they will be able to generate a good amount of electricity.


Many solar panel manufacturers in India do not offer a warranty if the solar panels are not properly maintained. So, if you fail to take good care of them and they don’t function well, you won’t receive the warranty benefit.

The Final Thoughts

So, what do you think now? Don’t you feel you should also start using an automated system for cleaning your solar panels every day? So, if you want to buy a robotic solar panel cleaning system, then reach out to us – Solabot. Here, at Solabot, we understand all the needs of a solar panel, and so we offer the ultimate solar module cleaning system that you can’t elsewhere in India. Also, you can check out our other blogs to get more information about robotic solar panel cleaners. For further information, feel free to reach out to us!

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