Solar Panel Cleaning: Why It is So Necessary To Keep Them Efficient?

Solar energy is the best alternative source of energy people can think of using in India. With the increase in the rates of thermal electricity and the amount of pollution it causes, it is better to rely on a renewable source of power for both household and commercial purposes. Also, no other way of power generation is as easy as solar power generation. You can simply install solar panels on your rooftop or in your garden and start relying on solar power and get a chance to lower your electricity bills. However, using solar panels for a long period is not that easy. For their ultimate usage and output, you have to make sure that they are kept clean. Please continue reading to know why cleaning is so important for your solar panels.

Why Do Solar Panels Need Cleaning?

Before you look for a cleaning solution for your solar panels, you need to understand why you need to clean them in the first place. However, if you are looking for a cleaning way so that you can clean your solar panels once in a while, you are mistaken. To make the proper usage of the big investment you have done by installing the panels, you need to get them cleaned regularly.
Solar cells may be pushing their limits of efficiency to generate power, they can only do their job when they are kept clean. The solar panels are usually installed on the rooftops or in the open lawn to have an alternative option of power supply. On the very first day when you install your solar panels, they were surely in their best form and generated a good amount of power from the sunlight. However, you must have that there is a fall in their efficiency after not so long. The reason behind this fall in their efficiency is the accumulation of dirt and dust. As they are installed in an open space, layers of dust and dirt get accumulated on the surface of the solar panels and they block the sun rays from reaching the solar cells. Thus, the solar cells fail to generate the power and do not offer you the maximum output.
Moreover, cleaning your solar panels is even important if you want to take the advantage of warranty that was given along with the solar panels. Some solar panel manufacturers have a condition of cleaning in their norms. So, if you don’t take care of your solar panels and don’t clean them often, you might not receive the benefit of the warranty if your solar panels get damaged. In other words, you are going to have a big loss on the amount you have invested. So, if you want to make use of the amount you have invested in getting the solar panels, you should think about cleaning them regularly.

How Often Should Your Solar Panels Be Cleaned?

There has been a long debate on how often solar panels should be cleaned by solar panel specialists. Most specialists have agreed on the opinion that the solar panels should be cleaned on average once every three months. However, more frequent cleaning will be a far better way to keep your solar panels in their best conditions.

Should You Clean Your Solar Panels On Your Own?

Even though you can think about cleaning your solar panels on your own, it is not an easy job, especially when you have to clean your panels more often. So, why do not you think about depending on an automatic solar panel cleaning robot? Solar panel cleaning robotic will work as per the need and help you keep your solar panels clean all along. Once you have the best solar robot kit, you no longer have to worry about keeping your panels clean.

The Final Thoughts

So, what do you think now? We have tried our best to help you understand why you should clean your solar panels regularly. Any delay in their cleaning can affect their efficiency and you will not get the maximum output from your investment. So, if you are willing to generate the most out of your big investment, you should think about cleaning them regularly. For that, it is better to rely on an automatic solar panel cleaning robot than any person. If you want to get an automated cleaning robot for your solar panels, free feel to reach out to us -Solabot. At Solabot, we promise to address all the needs of your solar panels and provide you with our best solar robot kit and customised cleaning solutions. So, instead of worrying about it yourself, why don’t you approach us and consult our professionals to get a cleaning solution for your precious solar panels. Therefore, you should just think of reaching out to us today to find a quicker solution!

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