Solar Panels: The Ultimate Maintenance Guide to Prolong their Lifespan.

Solar Panels: The Ultimate Maintenance Guide to Prolong Their Lifespan.

Solar panels have numerous photovoltaic cells that convert solar energy to electrical energy. This solar energy can be used in the same way you use thermal energy or any other form of energy. In addition to that, it is a renewable source of energy that can be perfectly used in households and industries. So, people are actively installing solar panels on their building’s rooftop or their lawn.

However, over time, solar panels lose their ability to generate the maximum amount of electricity. So, they need to be maintained well to keep them functioning well and producing a high amount of power.

Why You Should Clean a Photovoltaic Panel More Than Often?

The efficiency of your solar panels might reduce if you do not clean them often. When you installed your solar panels for the first time, they surely did their best to generate power from the sunlight. However, their ability to generate power will keep decreasing, and it will reach a position when they will hardly function. The reason behind this inefficiency of the solar panels is that they are failing to receive an adequate amount of sunlight.

When the solar panels are not cleaned regularly, dust, dirt, grime, pollens, or bird droppings get accumulated on the panels’ surface, making it hard for the solar cells to receive sunlight. Thus, this lowers their ability to generate electricity from solar energy. So, that’s why the solar panels must be cleaned more often.

Yet another reason why you should think of taking good care of the solar panels is their warranty. Most solar panel manufacturers in India offer a warranty on the solar panels on the condition that the buyer has to take good care of them. If the solar panels get faulty or underperform due to their poor condition, the manufacturer will not provide the warranty service. So, the solar panels must be well-maintained. For that, it is better to rely on the best solar robot kit rather than on rain.

Why Rainwater Is Not EnoughTo Clean Your Solar Panels?

Oftentimes, solar panel users think that rainwater is enough to clean their solar panels. However, it is not like that at all. Just consider the example of your car’s windshield. Do you always wait for rainfall to get your windshield cleaned? Sometimes, you clean it yourself, while sometimes, you take your car to a car wash centre. In other words, you do not wait for the rain to clean your windshield.

Moreover, rainwater contains airborne dust particles that can later settle down and get attached to the panels when the water droplets evaporate. That’s the reason why you can spot small circles of dirt on your windscreen after rain. Overall, rainfall is not the best way to clean the windshields. Likewise, you cannot depend on rainfall for cleaning your solar panels. Even though rain manages to clean the panels to a certain extent, it can still have small circles of dirt on the panels after the water dries.

Also, rains are seasonal in most areas in India. During hot summers or dry winters, the chances of rain are pretty low. However, you can’t wait for months to clean your solar panels. Just a few days of dust and dirt accumulation on the panels will lower their efficiency level, and you will not be able to generate an adequate amount of power.

How Location Affects Solar Panel Cleaning?

The area where the solar panels are installed is a vital factor. Depending on your location, you can determine what kind of hindrance your solar panels are likely to face to generate electricity.

  • Polluted areas have more chances of having atmospheric grime and oil buildup.
  • Wooded areas will have more birds, so bird droppings will be more and will cause damage to the solar panels.
  • Deserts are dry and dusty and mostly, have very little rainfall.

Automated Solar Panel Cleaning System

Thankfully, you can find a solar panel cleaning solution that is both very cost-effective and easy to use. It is an automated solar panel cleaning service using the best solar robot kit. They are designed to work in any condition with zero human intervention. No matter what hindrance your panels are facing, these automated cleaners will get rid of that and help to maximize your panels’ efficiency. So, using automated solar panel systems is the most ideal solution for solar panel cleaning.

The Bottom Line

So, what do you think now? By now, you must have understood how you should clean your solar panels more often. Also, you have understood why you should go for an automated solar panel cleaning solutionfor your solar panels. Now, you have to think about what is best for your solar power system and go for it. If you want to buy the best solar robot kit in India, reach out to us – Solabot. At Solabot, we offer a wide range of automated solar panel cleaning solutions and even customized solutions. So, we will guide you all along to help you spot the right kind of cleaning solution. Hopefully, you will find our suggestion helpful and get a chance to get the best cleaning solution for your solar panels. So, get in touch with us today!

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