Solar System Robot: A Smart Initiative in the Renewable Energy Sector

Solar System Robot: A Smart Initiative in the Renewable Energy Sector

With a rapid increase in global warming and climate change, there is an increasing demand for sustainable ways to save mother Earth from environmental threats. One of the most efficient ways of reserving renewable resources is by using solar panels to harness sunlight.

In this era of advanced technology, modern machines such as robots are used to perform a series of tasks autonomously or semi-autonomously. Today, many renewable energy companies have started implementing automated robots to optimize productivity and reduce the cost of operational activity.

There is a remarkable demand for robots with an increasing number of ways to harness natural resources such as wind energy, solar energy, and hydroelectric energy.

Considering the current market, solar energy has proved to be the highest demanding power generation resource. As a result, there is a significant rise in the usage of solar system robots in the global market.

Here in Solabot, we offer automatic solar panel cleaning robots for high-quality solar cleaning solutions.

Why do you need to use automated Solar Panel Cleaning Robots?

Solar panels are the most efficient and cost-effective method for generating electricity from sunlight. Regardless of its many benefits, the functionality of solar panels can be affected due to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and grime.

If you want to avoid the hassle and stress of cleaning the solar panels manually, then immediately opt for automated robots to clean them. However, make sure to clean and maintain the panels every few weeks so that there is no disruption in the power generation.

Manually cleaning the solar panels with commercial detergent requires a lot of time and effort. It can also erode the frame of the solar panel and pose hazardous risks for the environment. Here arises the need for an automated solar cleaning solution that can service a large base of solar panels.

How does an automated solar panel cleaning robot work?

An automatic solar panel cleaning robot comprises a roller brush and a water sprayer. The equipment has an onboard tank that supplies water to the sprayer for cleaning all the dirt, dust, and filth. It also has rubber caterpillar tracks to help the efficient functioning of the robot on the slick surface of solar panels. The best thing is that an automated solar panel cleaning robot supports the wireless and remote operation.

 This automated robot not only boosts the generation of solar power in large-scale industries but also helps to enhance the efficiency of solar panels in smaller applications. It can be used to clean rooftop solar panels at your home or office.

What are the Objectives of Automated Solar Panel Cleaning Robot?

Do you know that the accumulation of dirt or dust even on one panel can reduce the efficiency of the solar panels to generate solar power? That’s why you should always keep the panel’s surface as clean as possible.

A solar system robot is majorly required to remove the dirt and filth deposited on the solar panel at regular intervals. This will not only keep the panels clean at all times but also help them to absorb maximum solar energy from the sun’s rays.

Solabot offers premium quality solar panel cleaning robots that serve the following objectives:

  • Maximizes the efficiency of the solar panels by always keeping them clean.
  • Reduces human risks by supporting wireless and remote operations.
  • The roller brush incorporated in the robot works to clean the dirt, dust, and filth deposited on the panel’s surface.
  • It comes with an onboard tank for supplying water to the water sprayer.
  • An advanced design that is portable, compact, and environment-friendly.

What are the main parts of an Automated Solar Panel Cleaning Robot?

An automated solar panel cleaning robot mainly consists of two parts – a cleaning robot and a carrier robot. This equipment comes with an onboard water tank with a motorized pump. Its 4x DC motor uses caterpillar wheel motion to easily slide on a slick panel surface. The carrier robot carries the cleaning robot through an array of solar panels with the help of vehicle motion. The cleaning robot comes with a roller brush attached to it. This brush takes away all the dirt and dust from the surface of the panel.

The robot comes with a microcontroller to control its operations and movements through the solar panels. That’s why, an automated solar panel cleaning robot can operate remotely, and wirelessly.

The solar system robot is designed in a way that can clean multiple panels using a single robot. It makes the cleaning system easy and simpler rather than using multiple cleaning robots in the same solar farm, working simultaneously.

Final Note

By now you can understand that dust and dirt have a major impact on the functionality and efficiency of solar panels. Accumulation of debris can reduce power generation by up to 30%. So, Solabot offers premium automatic solar panel cleaning robots at irresistible prices. Contact us to get the best deals and offers on solar cleaning solutions.

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