The Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System- All You Need To Know

solar panel cleaning

Due to the present exhaustion of non-renewable energy sources, more and more people are turning to solar energy for electricity. India had the second largest market of solar capacity in Asia in 2018. This has come as a rescue to the continuous damage to the environment destroying natural habitat.

So, if you’re one of those people who have already switched to solar energy technology for electricity, you would probably need assistance for cleaning the solar panels.

Here’s an end to all your queries regarding solar panel cleaning, automatic cleaning options, and automatic solar panel cleaning system price. We at SolaBot, have a varied range of products and services that will cater to all your requirements concerning the solar panel set-up.

SolaBot offers a revolutionary automatic solar panel cleaning system that has maximum efficiency to carry out the cleaning process expeditiously. Since the solar panels are in open space throughout, their upkeep and maintenance should be a top priority for the owner. A PV system and its installation require a good amount of investment and so is the automatic solar panel cleaning system price. Maintaining the solar panels should be an essential and regular practice to ensure optimum utility.

Cleaning a PV system manually involves a lot of risks such as system damage, self-injury, improper cleaning, etc. Hence, SolaBot has a fully programmed system that performs automatic washing and cleansing of the solar panels. The system has medium size nozzles connected to each panel which has an outdoor water supply. The system uses a specially-made cleaning mixture which is mindful of the solar panel sheets. It is designed in a user-friendly manner by which the cleaning can be initiated with a simple button or switch. No additional knowledge is required for using the cleaning system. Once installed by professionals, it will call for attention only when it’s time to refill the cleanser or change the water supply.  

There are many advantages of having SolaBot’s automatic solar panel cleaning system. Some of them are:

Professional cleaning and installation

At SolaBot, we have trained professionals who will install the entire cleaning system thoroughly in a basic duration of time. Once installed, the experts will make things easier for you by giving a demo and providing assistance whenever required. With the advanced research qualities, the cleaning system has been designed to clean the entire solar panel set-up completely. After every cleaning session, the PV system is sure to perform at its best capacity.

Maximum efficiency and hassle-free cleaning

The operation of a PV system is such that the unit of electricity produced by the solar panels depends on the amount of sunlight reaching the cells. Hence, the cleaner the cells are, the higher energy it will produce. With the automatic cleaning system, the panels can be cleaned anytime paving way for maximum energy generation.

Longevity with better performance

With no dust and dirt accumulation on the panels, the durability of the panel is guaranteed for a longer period. Airborne particles and dust often block the panel sheets interrupting its utmost performance. After a while, if not cleaned the system starts losing its efficiency. Therefore, the automatic cleaning system at SolaBot makes sure that the PV system has longevity.

Hassle-free cleaning

The automatic solar panel cleaning system requires no special surveillance by any individual. The system is designed in such a way that bare minimum attention will suffice the effective cleaning of the panels. You will not require any expert or operator for the cleaning purpose. A regular water supply regulation and cleanser refill is the basic requirement.   

Now that you know it all about automatic solar cleaning systems, it is evident that you will look for automatic solar panel cleaning system prices. Well, no worries as you have the best service provider at hand.

We at SolaBot offer the best-quality automatic solar cleaning system at the most affordable rates ever. These are one-time investments that will serve you in the long run, both technically and financially. Go ahead and Contact us now.

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