Ultimate Checklist for the Smooth Operation of Solar Panels

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Installing a solar panel in the era of renewable energy is beneficial in the long run. But only installing it would help to make the best out of your bucks. To gain the highest efficiency energy production from your solar panels, one needs to ensure proper maintenance and cleanliness. It further leads to long life and less deterioration of equipment. If you want to get maximum energy output that facilitates meeting your investment interest, then following this article’s checklist will help you reach your goal.

General checks

Once you install a solar plant, it would be better to develop a preventive maintenance schedule. Such schedules focus on cleaning, lubrication, repair, replacements, and adjustments. During this check, you should keep a close eye on the following points:

  • No water should collect near the array. The roof drainage should be adequate with no clogged drains.
  • If you have roof penetrations, then make sure they are watertight.
  • Near the ground mount system, there should be no erosion.
  • The electrical enclosure should be approachable only to authorized personal.
  • Ensure corrosion-free area outside the racking system.
  • Check for no corrosion around enclosures.
  • Maintain thorough cleanliness so that no dust or unwanted debris accumulates around the inverter pad area. If you need assistance regarding the cleanliness of your solar panels, check out solar panel cleaning kits on sale. Specific types of equipment like a rotating brush help tremendously with a quick clean up.
  • Make sure there are no loose hanging wires.
  • Rule out any indication of animal infestation in the array.

Specific checks

  • Modules

The modules need high importance in terms of cleanliness. You may use soft bristles, cloth or sponge to get rid of excessive dirt. To find such helpful tools, look for solar panel cleaning kits on saleand save your budget.

  • Water Quality

Consider the total dissolved solid level of water before washing your solar panel. The specific requirement of TDS differs from place to place. For instance, in India, the TDS should be less than 250 parts per million to ensure a preventive cleaning. Moreover, the concentration of chlorine, calcium, and water conductivity are also primary factors to consider before using them for cleaning purposes.

  • Quality Of Cleaning Equipment

Avoid using brushes with stiff and metal bristles. Using a metal bristle can deteriorate the glass of your solar panel. In cases of bird droppings, you can use a detergent with low concentration and high water content. If you want suitable and affordable cleaning types of equipment, buy solar panel cleaning kits on sale

  • Care After Wash

After an active clean up session for modules, you must wipe them. Please use ultra polyvinyl chloride pipes for the water supply. It helps in maintaining generation capacity unaffected. After the system returns to a steady-state, the current is measured along with environmental factors like temperature.

  • Inverter Servicing

You can go for inverter servicing on a monthly or quarterly basis. It is beneficial to use high-quality filters because you provide ventilation through them, and lots of dust gets stuck in them.

  • Transformer

If you own a solar power plant, checking the oil temperature, operating temperature, and winding temperature are necessary. Consider cleaning your transformer once in six months to ensure proper working.

Four Quick Tips for Cleaning Your Solar Panel:

  • If you aren’t cleaning your panel professionally, then make sure to use room temperature water; avoid using warm water in any case.
  • Do not use highly concentrated soaps and detergents because they often leave a film.
  • Always make the panels a little moist before cleaning them.
  • Avoid spraying water at high pressure. It can cause affect the glass surface. Moreover, a pressure of more than 35 bars can severely damage your panel.

Concluding Remark

For better productivity and energy generation, you must manage your solar panel with significant care. Please choose the right equipment and use it wisely to get desired results after the cleaning and maintenance session

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