Various Sorts of Solar Panel Cleaning Solutions.

Various Sorts of Solar Panel Cleaning Solutions

From the early morning of the sunshine, when its rays fall on your photovoltaic devices, they are consumed by the PV cells for the generation of electrical energy. Since it is fully exposed in the open environment they have the threat of being affected from the grim such as dust, debris, and bird droppings, or dead insects. These certain substances will deficit their performance. Hence the solar panel cleaning solution is the ultimate choice for you to make them operate properly.

The photovoltaic panels needed low sustentation. So, cleaning with water & a sponge will be enough to get the job done. While many of the others encourage the use of soap water, but it is not so very effective in cleaning the PV panel fully. The other option that is available for cleaning is the rainwater, however after raining grim may retain down on the surface of the panel. Therefore it is elite to use water and soft sponges to dodge down the surface. Solabot is here to offer you the best solar panel cleaning solution.

Let’s see the various sorts of solar panel cleaning solutions:-

When cleaning of photovoltaic cells is required?

As the photovoltaic panels are exposed in an open environment, they had the chance of affecting by dirt. Therefore to rinse them out from the panel following factors are to be considered that’s their area, weather conditions, exposed time, and solar design. It might not be requisite to clean them during spring & summer, though frequent cleaning is required in winter when the sunlight is less available.

Monitoring of PV panels is required from your end from time to time. If you found that the panel is full of dirt, then it should be cleaned. To clean these photovoltaic devices the ideal time is the dawn or the twilight. You can also clean it at the time of cloudy day.

During the afternoon the sun rays fall directly into the panels, therefore it will evaporate the water from the surface, and dirt may retain down. Furthermost it is the ideal time for them to work diligently, therefore you don’t want to interfere with their productivity. Whereas, the dawn is the perfect time to accomplish the task as the dew falls on the surface of the panel. So it will require less water and effort for cleaning

Various sorts of solar panel cleaning solutions:-


This technology is used by the Italian-based Washpanel to manufacture automatic and semi-automatic robots specifically for solar panel cleaning. The semi-automatic robots are used to install the panels in places like carports, greenhouses, and shed roofs.

Many territories encourage the use of solar-powered autonomous robots to clean PV panels nightly by the means of soft microfiber and airflow rather than water, as high-pressure washing can damage the panels. This autonomous technology can clean their onboard solar panels and can charge their batteries quickly between actions.

Soap-less brushes and sponges.

US-based Bland Company or Premier Solar Cleaning organization – solar panel maintainer have found that operating with deionized water with a rolling or vehicle-mounted brushing equipment permits to clean the panels without the involvement of a soap, which leaves a residue that not only shades panels but attracts dirt.

Manufacturers like the Lubricant Polywater fabricated a Solar Panel Wash to aid water lift off grime without leaving a film behind. Similarly, SunSystem Technology uses a mixture of diluted vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to clean the dirt.

For homeowners, the garden hose and a soft sponge are ideal to clean the panels without appointing the cleaning agents.

Waterless Vibration.

Scientists of Heriot-Watt University in Scotland and the investor NASA of US have developed a path in which the solar panel will vibrate to shake out the dust from the surface. The Heriot-Watt solution had introduces a direct-current (DC) motor to the back of a panel that can be tuned to induce vertical vibrations.

Find out how to clean your Photovoltaic Panel stepwise:-

The best solar panel cleaning solution uses the following means in cleaning the  Photovoltaic Panel i.e., the water, a soft sponge, and mild soap. However, cleaning by yourself as the hiring professional might not be worthy. Cleaning of photovoltaic cells should be quick and easy. If you want to do it yourself, always consider the safety measures first.

Here is the stepwise process of the cleaning.

  • Seek out the manufacturer’s guidance for cleaning the panels.
  • Try to clean them in the morning or late afternoon.
  • Used the garden hose pipes if the dirt and dust are less. But if the panel is still dirty with bird residues & other particles, you need more cleaning.
  • You can also use soap water to clean the surface of the panels gently. Anyhow you have to be attentive that not a single residue remains down.
  •  Wash out the panels with clean water through a hose and use a squeegee to dry off the panels or you can leave them to dry naturally.

So, these are the solar panel cleaning solution that you should look for. Hope this will enlighten your idea in cleaning.

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